Ultra Filtration Plants

Ultra Filtration Plants:

Ultra Filteration (UF) – Membrane Technology

We make the Ultrafiltration Units of sizes and capacities from 500 LPH- 30,000 LPH as a modules.
It is known fact about the Ultrafilteration that the porocity of 1.2mm-1.3mm dia Hollow fibers ( PES, PVDF ect.) is about 0.1 to 0.01 micron though there are membranes which ranges even lower than 0.01 microns.

The uses of UF is mainly a part of Pre treatment  for the Down stream units of RO systems.
The UF works on either Dead End or Cross flow type configuration and also as Out to In or In to Out type configuration.
Probable application area in the water Purification is for removal of Bacteria/virus micro organisms, as well as the fine suspended particles such as color/dyes ect.
Also the removal of Colloidal particles such as Colloidal Silica in the boiler feed water, The dairy industry uses UF technic for Whey Proteins separation.

Molecular weight cut off is the criteria for the selection of type of membranes.
Along with the hollow fine fiber type membranes , the Spiral wound ( similar to Reverse Osmosis) membranes are also actively used in the UF plants.
The UF needs periodic (every 40-50 minutes depending on the feed water conditions ) Backwashing of 30-50 seconds. Which is of course done automatically.

The in side to Out configuration mostly needs The periodic Chemical Enhanced Backwashing or CEB, with High pH  (10-11)  Sodium Hydroxide plus Hypo Chlorite, followed by Low pH of ( 3-4) with help  Citric acid or Dilute HCl.

It is observed as per the design guidelines that The Out to In Configuration calls for Air Scouring and Hypo Backwashing instead of CEB.

The CIP ( Cleaning in Place) is done generally for both, IN-OUT or OUT-IN configurations. Very similar to that of RO CIP cleaning procedure to Regain Flux.