Ion Exchange Resin based D.M. plants

Ion Exchange Resin based D.M. plants:

The Deionization of Industrial Water is a very vital Area of application of the ion Exchange technic.

The Well designed DM water Plant can achieve the resistance of 18 megaOhm or less than 0.1 micro Siemens/cm level

The resins have 2 types



A:- Strong Or Weak Acid Cations : which would exchange H+ Ions against the Cation element of the salt , such as Ca, Mg, Na, K ect.

B:- Strong Or weak Based Anions: which Would Exchange OH- ions against the Anion Element of the salt such as, Bi Carbonates, Carbonates, Cl,SO4, NO3,PO4 ect.

The Resin based system are from the earlier era, though it can not be ruled out since the fine ness of the purity of water could be achieved via RO + ion EX. Combination or the ion Exchange alone.
Though RO + MB combinations are more popular in the Industrial applications of the Water Purification.
Especially for high Purity Power generation and similar applications.

We make Resin based deionizers from 500mm Diameter up to 2000 mm Diameters.