Sand & Activated Carbon Filters

Sand & Activated Carbon Filters:

Sand and Activated Carbon filters;

The Sand filters

Today the modern industry standard of  Industrial Water Filtration is Pressure Sand Filter or Dual media Filter consisting of  Carbon Steel, FRP, CS/RL
( Rube lined Carbon Steel) or even a SS material.
The Filter is generally having Shell and Dished end arrangements, The Definite Advantage of Torrispherical or Ellipsoidal Dish end is , the great reduction in the Dish Thickness.

We make these filter vessels in MS or MS (CS) R/L.

Ranging in size from 500 mm Diameter up to 3000 mm Diameter.
The Height of shell generally is in the range of  1500 mm to 2300 mm. the Media  for Filtration is Sand or Sand + Anthracite.

The Purpose of Sand Media or Dual Media filter is to remove the suspended particles ranging form  1-2mm till 300 micron for example. ( Particularly Macro size visible particles)
The design Velocities are : 8m/hr till 25m/hr*

The inlet quality of Raw water may have turbidity range of  30-40 NTU, ( Nephlometric Turbidity Units)
The Filters are subjected to get accumulated with the turbidity load, as the process is mostly DEAD END type, hence periodically the media is Backwashed with the help of AIR + Water Or Water Alone.
The need for backwashing would be known from the Pressure Drop  that has caused due to Accumulation of Suspended solids.
The Back Wash Could be set as per the Operation Cycle Duration Or on Pressure Drop.
The output quality is generally Less than 5 NTU of suspended solids

Activated Carbon Filter:

The Activated Carbon Filters are constructionally very similar to Sand Filters except that the Media is under bed of Pebbles , Coarse aggregates and Major layer of  ACTIVATED CARBON Media ranging from 500 IV ( Iodine Value) to 1500 IV depending on the Customer requirements.
Activated Carbon Media is good adsorbent of Odour, Color and it adsorbs Chlorine, and many more organic Compounds, Pesticides ect.

Generally the Activated Carbon Filters are located AFTER the Sand Media filters.
We make Activated carbon Filters Ranging from 500 mm Diameter  to 2000 mm Diameter for various Industrial Applications.