Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant:

Reverse Osmosis is a well known process of Removal of TDS ( total Dissolved salts or Solids) from water.
The Osmosis is very natural process  which everybody of us Knows.
The Reverse Osmosis is achieved by applying ‘higher’ Pressure ( higher than Osmotic pressure Plus Losses and Backpressure of RO membranes) on feed water to so as to reverse the direction of natural osmosis (flow of water molecules from Low Concentration-Low Osmotic pressure side to Higher concentration- Higher Osmotic pressure side)
The Osmotic pressure is directly proportional to the concentration of it
ROT, 1000 ppm Concentration is 10 psig of osmotic pressure,
We can visualize it as SUCTION pressure of relatively higher concentration Solution when two of them separated by Semipermeable Membrane.

We make RO plants from 200LPH to 30,000 LPH and more.
The general recovery of the brackish water RO plant is from 50% till 85%.

Today RO is a keyword for most water purification applications from Domestic Drinking Water area to High Purity Boiler Water generation.