Ion Exchange Resin based softners

Ion Exchange Resin based softners:

Ion Exchange Resin Process based Water Softeners for Industrial Applications
The Ca++ and Mg++  based Salts in the water Makes the Water Hard.
This is called, A-Alkaline Hardness (Ca and Mg associated with Bi-Carbonates will form Temporary Hardness)
The Hardness associated with Cl, SO4, NO3, PO4 type anions is called permanent hardness.

Though the ion exchange based polystyrene resins will be able to treat both Temporary and Permanent Hardness as well.

The resin Needs Recharge or Regeneration with the help of Na Salts such as (mostly) NaCl.

The Resin Exchange capacities are characteristics of the Resins , and it is directly affected by the Dosing quantity of NaCl. (Regeneration Level)

We  Make the Industrial Water Softeners  ranging from 500 mm Diameter  up to 2000 mm Diameter.